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The Art of Narrative Storytelling

Last week, I got to watch Harrison Ford’s Air Force One on TV. In the climax, the Villain informs Ford that the only person who knew how to pilot the plane was dead. Now, it was upon the Hero, to acknowledge the call to action and do the impossible. He had to not only maneuver […]

Communication Hindsight or Consumer Insight

There is no art whereby to find the mind’s construction in the face.  ~ Shakespeare. What Shakespeare was hinting here is that the complexity of the human mind cannot be fathomed from the surface. One must dive into the depths of human consciousness, to fully comprehend it. Yet, with the superfluity of information floating all around […]

100% Ad-free Movies

Yesterday, I was watching HBO Defined channel. They were promoting a 100% ad-free campaign. Needless, to say, the promotion was pitching on the consumer emotion of how they disliked being interrupted during the movie. Like HBO, many other top movie channels often run similar ad-free movie campaigns. Even Facebook enables its users to flag an […]